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What can a published book do for you?

As a published author, you have a unique advantage over your competition. We’ll help you get your message out to the world and do it with excellence.

Having a published, professional book offer you these advantages:

  • Create a long lasting impact with your message
  • Distinguish yourself from your competition
  • Position you as a thought-leader in your industry
  • Educates your market while building authentic connections
  • Books build your brand
  • Capture more media attention
  • Increases your Authority Marketing Quotient (AMQ)

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What DO I get from the Free Consultation?

1. Get a straightforward, step-by-step process to take your idea or manuscript to published book status.

2. Learn how to get your book seen beyond Amazon and your local bookstore. Discover unexpected market opportunities and channels.

3. Explore strategic ways to build your brand as a published author, and get in front of people who are normally not accessible.

4.Learn the optimal formats for your message: E-book, audiobook, hardback, paperback to reach the right audience in the right way

5. Find out the optimal price points and profit margins for your book.


Not a problem! We can help craft your message for you.

*We do not share or sell your information

What others say about HigherLife

“Having worked with more than five traditional publishing houses in the publication of more than ten of my books, I decided to take the leap into the hybrid publishing model offered by HigherLife.

I have been blown away by their service, their attention to detail, and their rapid response to questions … it will be hard to ever expect anything less.

Likewise, the active role they took in the marketing and design of the book, from start to finish, has exceeded my expectations.

Laurie Beth Jones

Author, Consultant, Coach

“I have been working with HigherLife for several years. They have done an exceptional job with the creative work of all of my publications. I am very pleased with the work, the care, the follow-up, and the response time.

If you need creative help for your job, whatever it might be, I would strongly recommend HigherLife!

Tom Wheeler

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“I am so grateful to have been able to work with the team at HigherLife.

They really went the extra mile to ensure my project was completed with the greatest quality and attention to detail.

I never felt like “just another client” but instead formed great business and personal relationships with the whole team.

I highly recommend using Higher Life for your next project!”

Christy Fay

Author, Speaker

Who is Higherlife Publishing?

David Welday is the entrepreneur who founded HigherLife more than 10 years ago with the sole purpose of providing leaders with a way to tell their stories and share their successes in a way that benefits others.

He has served in the publishing and marketing world for more than 30 years with experience in; direct response marketing, magazine publishing, book publishing, curriculum and digital resource development, donor development and organizational development.

David is an out-of-the-box thinker, gifted communicator, high-energy motivator, trainer, marketing strategist, publisher and coach.

With this combination of unique skillsets, David will help you create the most effective messaging that has the biggest impact on your audience.

Despite leading a passionate team, David still has personal involvement with every client HigherLife serves.

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